Monika Krobová
Fashion design
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Collections / The Rhythm

Image photo: Tomáš Brabec, Petr Jandera
Model: Monika Š.

Lookbook photo: Tomáš Brabec, Patrik Borecký
Hair: Michal Zelenka, Makeup: Monika Kačerovská
Model: Jana M.- Elite models

Rhythm is a harmony. Rhythm is a perception of periodicity.
Rhythm is the live regularity. Rhythm is about the return to
something similar. Rhythm is about the differences and defini-
tions. Rhythm is an awareness of countable and non-countable.
Rhythm is about the numbers.

The collection consists of models that are based on the
repetition in the mutual dependency, linking and a phased deve-
lopment of the three basic forms of rhythmic. I work with the
archetype of a tunic skirt and trousers which are stated in its
most reduced form. The searching for the patterns of rhythm,
their development and subsequent reduction is reflected in the
clothing by the transformation of the silhouette and the propo-
rtion of human figure. The similarity and contrast, as important
elements of the rhythm, affecting various ways of processing,
non-traditional combination of materials and composition,
vertical and horizontal lines, which pervade systematically the
minimalistic set of clothes.
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