Monika Krobová
Fashion design
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OriginalOriginal_005 copy.jpg
photo: Jaroslav Moravec

My original design for these t-shirts was based upon the desire to
achieve perfection, uniqueness and originality as well as the thinking based around mistakes and compromises. The concept behind this edition is responding to the creative process of designing. The idea trigger and the courage to create something completely original and genius is often battles with many barriers and compromises that shapes the form of the final product. Various accidents and coincidences that can occur during the process of the screen-printing are the main motive in this case.
It is the accident that ̈ will make the particurlar piece unique and original. This Original/Original t-shirt is unique – and is one of only 50 made for this limited collection.

Made in cooperation with
Kristýna Novaková.
Graphic design:
Jakub Samek, MÜTANTA

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